Energy Savings for

The Department of Defense Facilities

On October 26 2015 Defender the initial 20/20 Energy Saving Equipment was installed onto the U.S. Army Base Fort Stewart in Hinesville Georgia which was facilitated through Green Leaf Energy Conservation (GLEC). Since that initial offering the effectiveness demonstrated utilizing the Defender Program has exceeded initial proposals. The Defender Energy Saving System is an energy conservation technology developed By Innovative Energy Solution Systems (IESS) of Nashville Tennessee – Made in USA.

Presentation, Proposal & Results

GLEC’s presentation of the IESS Defender Program (Defender) is branded Military issue and exclusively offered through GLEC Distribution. The initial proposal made was to demonstrate that using the Defender equipment the Military would and is now clearly benefiting in the area of energy management and conservation with regard to their electrical power management. This benefit is derived by treating and buffering and recycling unused reactive electrical power that is flowing through main distribution panels and turning it back into usable recycled power. GLEC contends that electrical power inefficiencies are costly and has shown that by utilizing the Defender Technology this is being corrected and recycled to a great extent ranging from a minimum of 10% to under certain conditions over 14% reduction in draw off the power grid.

GLEC first performed a sizing (an electrical power audit) then install the Defender equipment into the Newman Fitness center. Since installation at this first location the results are charting consistently positive benefits from implementing the Defender Program. Also realized will be savings and reduced costs of maintenance wherever Defender is installed due to clean consistent power flow thought the facilities over time.

The ancillary benefit and effect of power balancing reducing amperage and increasing voltage is realized in the area of extended life of equipment and reduced facilities maintenance costs. We do not project the savings from lower maintenance, as cost to savings will vary by age of existing equipment and normal lifespan etc. We do know that once clean and consistent power is fed to any and all equipment and lighting in a facility, life of that equipment effected will be extended.

GLEC has clearly demonstrated that having the Defender Program installed across the board where needed on buildings that warrant treatment will have a positive result and makes an economically viable case for the Defender Program to be implemented throughout Military.

Verification Testing:

On Tested facilities were data was gathered to support the findings from the power bills that were run using DENT PRO Elite measuring and data logging equipment and the averages logged to date are as listed.

AMPS: -21%

KWH: -12%

KVA: -20%

PF: +19%

KVAR: -92%


This report prepared by Green Leaf Energy Consultants